Mittwoch, 14. September 2011

Dear ALL

Dear ALL,

after the success of Freiburg Conference about the boundaries of open discussion concerning Palestine, Israel and Germany I am pleased to announce the publication of the first four important and interesting speeches on our two blogs
and will soon publish the videos of each speaker who attended the conference, Ramzy Baroud´s video, as well as the video of the concert with Gilad Atzmon, Frank Harrison and Moamen Khatib.

To quote Gilad Atzmon who put a comment on his homepage:

"The conference was a gathering of some of the most articulate and innovative minds within our discourse and beyond. We had a list of panellists  who did not follow any particular party line but were dedicated to the principles of justice, ethics and universalism. We are talking here about public figures who manage to withstand Zionist and crypto Zionist pressure, including physical threats. We were lucky to be facilitated by an organisation (Cafe Palestine Freiburg)  that is genuinely interested in Palestine and justice.  Our audience were willing to listen and engage in open  discussion.  The entire event was smooth and productive. It left us with hope and fuelled  many of us with a renewed belief in a better future."

I myself and the incredible and wonderful "CafPal" team would like to thank our extraordinary speakers, our extraordinary moderators, our extraordinary graphic designers and of course all the other people who made this conference into an extraordinary event.
You, the public, were showing us support and interest and in the end of the day we are convinced that THE TIDE HAS CHANGED as Gilad Atzmon predicted months ago.

Kind regards

Gabi Weber
Cafe Palestine Freiburg e. V.

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